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Hiking with Dogs

Hiking with dogs is relatively easy. We check sites like All Trails in advance to see the suitability for a dog. You know your dog best- if you have something more akin to a mountain goat that can scramble up rocks and snow then go at it. If you have a small legged dog who prefers flat trails and a dip in the water then search for those. 

Certain things will always remain the same though. 

  • Always bring water for your dog, no matter how long/short your walk is or how hot it is. 

  • Using a harness on longer trails means that your dog isn't pulling from the neck. The Wilderdog one has a handle which has enabled us to grab Akela in an emergency. 

  • Obey all leash laws- usually they are in place for your dogs protection. 

  • If it is a hot day or we will be walking on a lot of gravel/tarmac we use Paw Magik to protect her feet. 

Drop your favourite hike below:

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