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How to Canoe with your dog

Top Tips

  • Find a canoe with a fairly flat bottom. These ones are the most stable for when your dog makes sudden movements. 

  • Use a 'float coat' for your dog. Ones with a handle are best in the case that you need to pluck them out of the water. Even though Akela is a total water baby and loves to swim, if you're trying to bring them back in the canoe, a floating dog is much easier than a paddling - or worse panicking dog.  

  • Start on a canal if you live in the UK. This means that it is narrow enough that if anything goes wrong you can quickly get to the side. Progress to lakes. Do not start on anything with a current! 

  • Keep your trips fairly short- this is a really easy activity for dogs to begin to become antsy.

  • As you're launching the canoe, have someone hold onto the dog tightly, so they don't make sudden movements while getting going! 

  • Positive Re-enforcement and lots of cuddles go a long way!

With those tips in mind there isn't a whole lot to say about canoeing with your dogs, apart from it's a really nice adventure to do with them. It is also really useful for days that you want something a little more relaxing, but your dog has lots of energy. It really stimulates the senses for them without high speeds. 

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