All About Akela 

We rescued Akela on her first birthday. She had been a part of four different families before us, never quite belonging. She was an inner city dog living in Newcastle, England, and she had never been off leash. 

We brought Akela up to Scotland and introduced her to mountain biking, canoeing and skiing among others. She picked it up so fast and we couldn't ask for a better dog. Her favourite activity is going mountain biking- she literally jumps in the air when we take the bikes out. Saying that she loves snow so we should probably buy some fat bikes! 

After three years of adventures in Scotland- living in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, it was time for a big change! We packed up and moved to Alberta, Canada. Akela has had the opportunity here to do some big girl skiing, spend a summer as a ranch dog and come on trail rides, canoe on glacial lakes... basically she is living the life that most humans dream of. All of that... and her favourite thing here is a quad bike. 

Akela is half husky, half German Shepherd- sometimes known as a Shepsky or Giberian Shepsky. She is really beautiful, but my god does she shed.  Her temperment is similar to that of a German Shepherd- very loyal and really bonded with her humans. In Akela's mind humans>other dogs. 

We started this blog after having moved to Canada. I was a nervous wreck doing research for the flight and all I could find were horror stories online- usually from people who were unprepared and hadn't taken the proper measures. As someone who brings their furry  family member everywhere, I wanted to pass along advise I have about travelling with your dog, tips, tricks, recommendations and assurance! 

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